License photographs of Pender Island


Spirit of the Whale Lantern Festival. New Year's Eve 2008 Pender Island
Spirit of the Whale Lantern Festival. New Year’s Eve, Pender Island

Kevin Oke Photography and The Pender Island Guide have thousands of photographs available as stock for your commercial purposes. Our main Gulf Islands gallery is located at Gulf Island Stock Photography. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing images these are still wonderful to browse through… and it’s free!



Stock Photo Pricing

The price of a stock photo is based on how the image will be used, not on the image you are using.

Licensing Rights

When one of my images is purchased for commercial use, I provide information that states the rights you are buying on the invoice. Here are some licensing rights that affect the cost:

Size of Use: The larger the image, the more it costs. This is measured by the size of the printed image or, if it’s a digital image, the size in MB. For example: a 20×30 poster will cost more than an 8×10 poster.

Distribution: Distribution in North America will cost less than worldwide distribution.

Image Placement: Interior images cost less than cover images, even if the images are the same size.

Circulation and Print Run: The larger the circulation of a publication or the print run of an item (posters, calendars, etc.), the more the image will cost.

Exclusive Rights: Exclusive use of an image will cost more because no one else will be able to buy and use this image.

Non-Exclusive Rights: The same image you licence may be licenced to someone else for the same or other uses. Non-exclusive use costs less than exclusive rights.

Period of Use: You can licence an image for a specific period of usage, the longer the period, the higher the cost.

Unlimited Use: If you need unlimited use of an image, please contact me.