Travelling on Pender Island

We get many emails asking about transportation on the Pender Islands for folks that are walking onto the ferry or don’t have a vehicle. Fortunately getting around these days is quite easy.

One can always hitchhike, something that used to be very popular years ago but like everywhere in the world seems to be dying out a little. That said, hitchhiking on the islands is an option and so far is a safe way to travel. You will of course have to weigh any potential risks.

Another option is to approach the friendly ferry passengers and ask for a ride to your destination. This works surprisingly well most of the time if you aren’t shy about approaching strangers.

For the less adventurous, the Pender Islands now have an excellent taxi service (Pender Island Cab Co.) providing everything from small cars to 21 passenger vans perfect for the wedding party.

Pender Island Cabs hours of service are 6:30 am to 1:30 am with other times by reservation. Advanced bookings are encouraged to ensure prompt service during peak times.

Pender Island Cabs may be contacted at (250) 629-2222 or visit