Pender Island Wildlife

River Otter on North Pender Island
River Otter on North Pender Island

Pender Island and the other Gulf Islands are often visited for the breathtaking scenery, the arts, a rural lifestyle and the mellow atmosphere. Others come to explore the magnificent surroundings and to appreciate the diverse wildlife that is found both on land and within the waters that surround us. They will not be dissapointed!

Many species are commonly seen throughout the year, the bald eagles, river otters and harbour seals. Others are more elusive and require either extreme luck or being in the right place at the right time. Our resident pods of orcas and dolphins are commonly seen both from North and South Pender Island as well as from the ferries while the humpback whale is a rare visitor to the protected waters of the strait.

Whales, porpoises and dolphins:



Sea Life:

The ocean around us also provides for recreational activities. Fishing is a year long passion for many and hits its stride when the salmon are running. Exploring the Gulf Islands many tide pools and reefs will easily fill an afternoon with new discoveries.

We are adding to this feature on a regular basis, please check back for more natural wonders.