Kayaking on Pender Island

Kayaking south of Otter Bay, North Pender Island
Kayaking south of Otter Bay, North Pender Island

Both North Pender Island and South Pender Island provide great kayaking opportunities in reasonably well protected waters although there are some “dangerous” areas to be avoided in certain conditions and depending on your skill level.

One of our favourite paddles starts at Hope Bay and makes the crossing over to Mayne Island to explore the many islets that dot the region. Other excellent trips from Hope Bay include a visit to the winery on Saturna Island and a slow paddle south into Port Browning to visit Mortimer Spit and the Pender Canal. Please note however that Plumper Sound can change very quickly from a beginners paddle to an intermediate paddle.

Day trips out of Otter Bay take in some very picturesque scenery and generally provide glimpses of seals, herons and eagle. An added bonus during the summer months is the likelihood of seeing orcas from your kayak. Now this is exciting!

For the adventuresome overnight kayakers there is wonderful camping at Beaumont on South Pender Island. This beautiful spot is now part of the Gulf Islands National Park and features 11 campsites. A hike up Mount Norman (244 metres/800 ft) provides incredible views of the surrounding area.

If you are looking to rent a kayak or take a tour, Pender Island Kayak Adventures’ main shop is located at Port Browning Marina. They also offer trips launching from Hope Bay Boathouse Beach.