Art Galleries on Pender Island

Frank Ducote, Blood Star Gallery
Frank Ducote, Blood Star Gallery

There are now dozens of galleries on the Pender Islands. Most of these are home based as expected so it’s always worth while to call ahead, especially during the off season. Here’s a selection to choose from:

Blood Star Gallery – Susan Taylor & Frank Ducote
Paintings, folk art and drawings
9909 Jennens Road, South Pender Island
(250) 629-6661

Red Tree Gallery – Pender Islands Artisan Cooperative
Located in historic Hope Bay this gallery carries the wioprk on many of North Pender Island and South Pender Islands artists including:
Margaret Alpen
Peggy Bagshaw
Monica Bennett
Jaime Church
Martha Cripps
Colin Gatward
Susan Jones
Hedi Kovacs
Diane Kremmer
Kathleen Lightman
Diane MacDonald
AJ Matrick
Mae Moore
Bev Peden
Mira Petrie
Susan Tait
Judith Walker
Nancy Westell
3-4301 Bedwell Harbour Road, North Pender Island
(250) 629 6800

Hedi Kovacs – Gecko Studio
4414 Bedwell Harbour Road, North Pender Island
(250) 629-3044

Bridges Studio – Yvonne Russell
Acrylic, soapstone, homespun wool products
Open by appointment or open sign
1212A Bridges Road, North Pender Island
(250) 629-3652

The Three Fates Studio and Gallery – Joanna Rogers
Fibre art and mixed media
3708 Keel Cr., North Pender Island
(250) 629-3550

Renaissance Gallery – Jan & Milada Huk
Jewellery, antques, fine rugs, glass, paintings
3302 Port Washington Road, North Pender Island
(250) 629-3070

Susan Tait
Ceramics and glass
5914 Pirates Road, South Pender Island
(250) 629-6559

Sublime Design – Jaime & Brian
Jewellery with semi-precious stones, silver, copper.
2608 Shoal Road, North Pender Island
(250) 629-6689

Danielle CaronPaintings in acrylics and oils
2639 Gunwhale Road, North Pender Island
(250) 629-9945