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Lodgings on North Pender Island and South Pender Island range from inexpensive motels and bed & breakfasts to five star resorts such as Poets Cove Resort and Spa. There are a number of public and private campgrounds and marinas as well.

Bed and breakfast accommodations are available on both islands. The prices vary widely depending on the amenities offered, or the location of the B&B. One can pay as little as $90.00 (Cdn) per night for a comfortable room in a private home or as much as $300.00 (Cdn.) for a room with a spectacular view, a Jacuzzi, and a fireplace.

There are vacation homes for rent on both islands as well. Again, prices vary. Children and well-trained pets are permitted at many of them.

If you are considering vacationing on any of the Gulf Islands in peak months (mid-June to mid-September), it is best to make reservations months in advance – especially for the vacation homes which are often fully booked for the season by the end of March.